• What is a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)?

    PERS have existed for approximately 4 decades and have provided users with a streamlined ability to contact Help in the event of an emergency. Many systems connect to Central Monitoring centers that provide 24 hour/7 days a week services to respond when a Call for Help is received. These systems typically feature a single button that initiates the call to the monitoring service. More advanced features such as GPS location, fall detection, and geo-fencing are currently becoming more popular.

  • Does FallCall™ Lite contact 9-1-1?

    Not directly. FallCall Lite does not contact 9-1-1 directly and is not a replacement for 9-1-1. FallCall Lite uses a subscription Central Monitoring service staffed by Emergency Medical Dispatchers who are able to assess the situation and contact 9-1-1 if necessary. Additionally, the Central Monitoring system will send out real-time event notifications to all paired Caregivers during the event and will contact Caregivers via telephone as directed.

  • Does FallCall­™ Lite automatically detect falls?

    Not at this time. We are currently developing the technology and anticipate that it will be released in the future along with machine learning capabilities.

  • What do I need to get started with FallCall™ Lite?

    Both Caregivers and their Elder need to download the FallCall Lite application (app) from the Apple App Store®. It will run on iPhones® running IOS® 10+ and on Apple Watch® running Watch OS® 4+.

    FallCall™ Lite is currently not available on other mobile operating systems at this time.

  • Does both the Elder and the Caregiver have to download the FallCall™ Lite app?

    Yes. We wanted to create the most simplified experience possible between Caregivers and their designated Elders. FallCall™ Lite will only communicate from one FallCall™ Lite to another.

  • Can I use FallCall™ Lite strictly as an iPhone® app?

    Yes. Check-ins will include location data only. Heart rate data will only be transmitted if the Elder is wearing an appropriately configured Apple Watch®.

  • Will FallCall™ Lite automatically load onto my Apple Watch?

    Yes-As long as the Apple Watch® has been appropriately paired with an Apple iPhone® device. The location of the FallCall™ Lite icon can be adjusted through the Apple Watch® menu.

  • On which device do I setup FallCall™ Lite: Apple Watch® or iPhone?

    iPhone®. It can’t be configured on the Apple Watch®.

  • Who initiates pairing: Caregivers or Elders?

    Both. Pairing can be initiated by Elders OR Caregivers. See tutorial for more information.

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  • Can Elders pair with multiple Caregivers?

    Yes. FallCall™ Lite allows a single Elder to pair with up to five Caregivers.